July Outfits


So in July I have spent a bit too much money on clothes, but it was needed as England as we have actually had some summer appropriate weather, and I was lacking in warm clothes. I’ve put together some of the outfits I like wearing, and will wear over the next few months, especially while travelling.

The first dress is from H&M, and although it doesn’t look very summery it is comfortable and easy to wear. I paired it with Quay Australia sunglasses, Pull & Bear trainers, and an ASOS watch.

The piece I bought this month in the next outfit was the H&M shorts, which I love because they are so high-waisted and so tight, and I rarely find a pair of shorts that fit me well…and they were only £7.99! The crop top and long sleeve tied around my neck are both from Topshop. The shoes are hand-me-downs, so I am not sure where from.

The next outfit is my favourite and probably the one I will wear the most. The shorts and top are, again, H&M (one of my favourite shops if you can’t tell). The shoes are Topshop, and probably my favourite pair of sandals at the moment as they are real leather.

The final dress is from Jack Wills, with a Pull & Bear belt and New Look sunglasses and shoes. You can’t really tell but the dress has very small vertical blue and white stripes.

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked the outfits! If you want links to any of the items feel free to ask in the comments.


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