Gel Nails at Home

The kit includes an LED lamp, gel cleanser, primer, gel to polish transformer, lint free wipes, mixing pot, buffer and manicure stick.
Here I have transformed a French Connection nail polish, and it lasted around 2 weeks with no chipping.


Here I transformed another French Connection nail polish in red.
This was after 2 weeks of wear.
This is after 5 days of wear with a Maybelline polish.
As you can see there is chipping on the index and pinkie fingers.

I am the kind of person that can’t cope without polished nails, but with normal nail polish I found that they would usually chip by the next day. I started going to the salon to get my nails done with gel, which would last me about 2 weeks, but it cost around £25 a go! So basically if I wanted to have a year of pretty gel nails it would cost me around £650 (which obviously wasn’t an option).

I did some research and found the SensatioNail Polish to Gel Transformer, an at home gel nail polish kit that lets you transform your regular polishes into gel polishes. I was so impressed with the idea of this because I didn’t need to buy a whole new set of nail polishes, and it was only £50.

However, my response to this kit is mixed, because I have had some really good manicures that have lasted a week with no chips, and then others that have lasted around 2 days before one nail chipped. I also have had some trouble applying it, as I would apply the whole nail and seal it with gel, then go to wipe off the sticky residue and the whole polish would come off, but this happened rarely and I just re-did the nails.

I do still use this kit to do my nails, but it isn’t exactly reliable and takes some patience. For those who have more money to spend I would recommend getting a proper gel kit with gel polishes, but otherwise this works well enough and has a good price tag.

If you have any questions about this product feel free to ask in the comments.

Laura xx



14 thoughts on “Gel Nails at Home

  1. I have recently just brought myself a gel nail lot, mine only use to cost me £17 a go. But she was constantly running late, an I got bored of the colours quickly. So I’ve brought myself a lot, not yet used it


    1. Thank you 🙂 it isn’t that complicated and comes with a step by step guide. It can take me a while depending on how pigmented the polish is, if it is quite pigmented and only needs 2 coats it will take around half an hour, but some more transparent polishes need 3+ coats and that can take over an hour! xx

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